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Our handmade implants are custom-made to your memories in order to enrich them with additional events. Would you like that little extra of adventure to make your memory the start of the party? Or a dash of Weltschmerz to add more depth to your personal history? You can choose amongst ten exhilarating flavours for your order:

  • Adventure
  • Capital sin
  • Embarassement
  • Erotic
  • Glory
  • Joie de vivre
  • Kitsch
  • Romance
  • Transcendence
  • Weltschmerz


First we make an appointment for your personal consultation. We invite you to our store to find out how you could profit from our services.

When you decide for our offer we‘ll first run a pre-test to identifiy your prefered way of accessing memories. Afterwards we enter our Memolyse™-lab. There we offer you different sensorial inputs to facilitate the search for a memory that is suitable as a carrier for the implant. There is no need to tell us about the contents of your memories at any point of this process.

After choosing the carrier memory you record it on audio, so that we can perfectly suit the implant to your existing memory. We then present you our great variety of flavours that you can choose from for your offer.

After your ordered your implant we hand you the ImplantEasy™ solution in a closed vessel. The finished implant will be sent to you within 24 hours. With it comes an instruction that explains exactly how to use the solution an the implant. You can insert it in no more than a few minutes – easy, painlessly and at your home!

Booking appointments

We are open Thursday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. Plan about 45 minutes for your appointment (Consultation+Memolyse™)

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